About us - The story

Is there anything more beautiful than morning freshness and the warm sun caressing your still sleepy face. Sitting on the “ganak” covered porch of “Petrova Klet” with a stimulating aroma of morning coffee, in a place where time has stopped, I gazed at the nuances of the landscape draped below the rolling hills of the neighboring village of Martinski vrh. As if it was in the palm of my hand, simplicity and tranquility came so easy, as if it was a part of some lost time; a moment of lost peace, received here as a gift. In a desire to lighten my burden and collect my thoughts, this morning helped vanquish all unsolicited advice,  all plans leading to other plans, which in turn lead me away from true happiness. It is here where I could finally hear myself instead of others; deeply and freely, fully breathing in my life with each breath.