Culture & History programs

The rich cultural heritage and its monuments adorn this green Karlovac region. The old town of Karlovac in the form of a six-pointed star is a great example of building unconquerable cities of the 16th century Visit the National Shrine of St. Joseph and the Franciscan monastery that keeps a long history of this intersection at important transport routes.


Visit a special museum collection in the open air, which, following a long military tradition, shows a number of weapons from the Homeland war. Explore places outside Karlovac such as Ribnik, Ozalj and Novigrad - old towns that connect a number of important historical figures such as Nikola Tesla, Ivan Mažuranić, Zrinskis and Frankopans.

"Cultural heritage of the Green Heart of Croatia", 4 days

Upoznajte Ivana Mažuranića, Nikolu Teslu te obitelj Zrinske i Frankopane.