The city is mentioned for the first time in 1244, as a free royal city. From the end of the 14th century (1398) it is owned by the Frankopan family, and later through family relations passed on to the Zrinski family in 1550, which remained as its owner until 1671.
The close relation of Ozalj with Zrinski and Frankopani families is displayed in the fact that the day of Ozalj is marked as April 30 – as a remembrance of an event from 1671 when two greatest Croatian noblemen were executed, marking the end of their families roles in Croatian history.
Today, Ozalj has grounds for the development of tourism, especially of cultural, historical and excursion character. Because of its picturesque landscape and the fact that a great Croatian painter Slava Raškaj was born here – and specialized in the very landscapes surrounding Ozalj – this area is very suitable for organizing artistic colonies, both domestic and international. Beside the River Kupa baths, the Ozalj region is also interesting because it is a mix of rolling hills and fertile plains, with an abundance of natural and anthropogenous potential.
Famous people
Slava Raškaj
Ivan Hariš-Gromovnik
Ivo Latin