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You have completed your office work. Finished your laundry and ironing, made dinner. With the weekend ahead of you, you ponder on how to fill it. While you weigh your options – chatting with a friend, watching TV or washing windows – you are filled with a vague sense of emptiness. Children don’t experience these problems. Have you ever watched them in the moment when they are completely involved in play? Doesn’t the look on their faces express true, undivided happiness? That’s ok, you say to yourself, but you are not a child – you are expected to be serious and productive, regardless o how boring that sounds… and it does sound boring, doesn’t it?
Break out of the routine, forget the imperative to be useful and forget expectations of others. Rediscover a child within you! Creativity is not an accidental gift given to few, it is something we all carry within us: things like riding a bike, walking, cooking, enology can be learned, developed and turned into art. With a little incentive, we can all become makers and discover a different, more exciting reality.