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Discover and refresh yourself on our four beautiful rivers.
Holidays and fun for the whole family

During the summer months, River Korana warms up to 24°C or more. As the old saying goes, “Korana strengthens the power of men and invigorates the beauty of women”. Foginovo baths is the most beautiful river beach in Croatia. It is a great pleasure to swim in River Korana at the Slunj baths, or enjoy imaginative water games during the “Korana meeting” event.
Swimming in River Dobra is best near the cascades at Lipa, Jarče polje, Grdunac… River Kupa is refreshingly cool in the Summer, with favorite bathing spots in Vukova Gorica, Prilišće, Ozalj…. River Mrežnica is a blue-green beauty; from Primišalj to Karlovac there are dozens of beautiful bathing areas, mostly nearby cascades or ancient mills.
It is a pleasure to take a swim in the “Ogulin Sea”, as they call lake Sabljak, home of the
Summer “Lake games”. Specialty of the Karlovac municipality are Lešće thermal baths, one of the most therapeutic thermal springs in Croatia, with an open swimming pool (28-30°C) located next to the banks of River Dobra.




Swimming area Bogovci on river Kupa

14 km

Perfect for vacation and escape from the big beachperfect for vacation and escape from the big beach




Swimming area Zeleni kut OR Jungle bar
on river Mrežnica

34 km

restaurant, rent a kanuing



Swimming area Ozalj on river Kupa

17 km 
caffe bar, dressing room



Swimming area Foginovo on river Korana

33 km 

Daily animations, cafe bar, children's playground,
animation in water.



Swimming area Grdun at river Dobra

8 km 
restaurant, rent a kanuing